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Competition Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
The competition is carried out by Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei.

For the sake of readability the masculine form was chosen in the text, nevertheless the information refers to members of both genders.

By entering the competition, the entrant accepts the following terms and conditions:

1. Competition entry
In order for the competition entry to be valid, the entrant must complete the online form on the competition site and accept the entry conditions. Participation in the competition is free of charge and independent of any purchase or the utilisation of such services as are subject to a charge.

The competition is open to anyone who is resident in Switzerland. Persons may only participate once per individual competition. Multiple entries are not possible and will be eliminated.

The competition is not open to employees of Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei, its subsidiaries, and any agencies appointed by Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei and their employees. By participating in the competition, entrants declare their acceptance of the competition rules.

Entrants are solely responsible for any costs arising from their entry in the competition, should such costs lie beyond the control of Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei (such as the entrant's personal online access, for example).

2. Data protection
Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei underlines that the participant’s personal data (incl. email addresses, names etc.) are used within the framework of the competition, and for marketing purposes where the user opts in to email communication, as per data protection regulations to comply with the contractual obligations. Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei also states that this data will not be forwarded to third parties or given to them for use and will be treated confidentially as per the GDPR unless the participant expresses consent to have the information transferred to partner companies. A withdrawal of consent via email to escape@zermattkaffee.com is possible at any time. One exception is in the event of a win, in which case the participant agrees specifically that Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei may publish his name and the name of the town where he lives. By participating in the competition, the participant hereby, expresses consent to the storage of his email address and the stated personal data and that the data can be used for the execution of the competition. Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei reserves the right to check the correctness of the data provided by the participants. The user can gather information about the data stored by Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei at any time free of charge.
Your personal data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the aforementioned purposes. However, it may be necessary for us to continue to store your data until the expiration of the obligations and periods of retention specified by the legislator or supervisory authorities. For more information, consult our privacy statement on https://www.Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei.com/il/en/terms-conditions/privacy-statement.

3. Disqualification from the competition
Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei is entitled to exclude individual entrants from the competition if justified reasons exist, such as the violation of the terms and conditions of entrance, influencing the competition, or manipulation. Participants who are entered automatically, i.e. by bots or other technical means, will also be disqualified from the competition. In the event of a reason for exclusion from the competition, prizes may be withdrawn retroactively and any prizes that have already been paid out or delivered reclaimed.

4. Prize

Entries received after the closing time of the competition will no longer be considered regardless of the reason for the delay. The electronic time-stamp on the entry shall determine if it was received before the deadline. Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei will not be in any way liable for delayed entries, and in particular cannot be held responsible for technical interruptions during transmission, especially for failures of the network, the electronics or the computer and will inform the respective winner via email. Any further communication between Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei and the winner will take place in private, individual messages.

5. Choosing the winners
The draw will take place in private within 48 hours of the end of the competition. All claims to the prize will become null and void if the winner does not respond to notification of his prize within 24 hours after notification. The winner will be contacted by email and the winner will also be announced in the comments by Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei.

Important: We will contact the winner directly from the Instagram page with address: https://www.instagram.com/zermattroesterei/

We will not contact them from any other account. The winner will be announced within 48 hours of the competition end date, which is stated as 4pm on the 6th August 2021.

6. Despatch of prize
The prize is awarded exclusively to the winners in the stated form. It cannot be exchanged for anything else or paid out in cash. The prize cannot be given to a third party or sold.

7. Claiming the prize
The personal details of the winning person must correspond with the information contained in the form. The winner must communicate with Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei via email in order to arrange methods of accepting the prize.

8. Right of appeal / applicable law
No correspondence will be entered into. There is no right to legal redress. There is no legally enforceable right to transfer, payment in cash or exchange of the prizes. Swiss law applies exclusively.

9. Amendment of the entry conditions and termination of the competition
Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei reserves the right to change the competition or entry conditions etc. at any time. Moreover, Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei reserves the right to terminate or interrupt the competition at any time. This applies in particular in the event of any reasons that would disrupt or prevent the scheduled course of the competition.

10. Limitation on liability for Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei
Insofar as this is permitted in law, no liability whatsoever will be assumed by Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei.

11. Arbitration
Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei shall not enter into dispute resolution with a consumer arbitration board, nor is it obliged to do so.

12. Severability clause
Should any individual provisions set out in the entry terms and conditions be invalid or unenforceable, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions. The invalid or unenforceable provisions are to be replaced by such valid and enforceable provisions that are as close as possible to the original ones in terms of the impact of the objective pursued by Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei.

13. Other
This competition is in no way linked to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and is in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Contact person is Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei and not Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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