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New week, new coffee

New week, new coffee

New week, new coffee. This week we’ve received 30 bags of green coffee! It’s always a pleasure to see these new green beans arrive in our roastery. The coffee is delivered to us green, mainly in 60kg bags, with the micro-lot being transported in 30kg bags. But what is a micro-lot you might ask? A coffee called "micro-lot" is a coffee that has been harvested on one or more specific plots. So, we don't just know the region and the producer of the coffee, but precisely from which part of the farm the coffee cherries were harvested before being processed into the bag of green coffee. Our new Guatemalan micro-lot, the freshest crop we can get right now, comes from the western mountains of Guatemala. 

The cooperative 'La Voz que Clama en el Desierto' grows this coffee on fertile volcanic soil and is certified organic. The farmers associated with the cooperative produce this coffee on small plots of 1 to 2 hectares each. Grown at an altitude of 1500 metres, our new lot "La Voz" will reveal flavours of green apple, raspberry and chocolate. You can now taste this new lot as filter coffee.

Getting curious about Guatemala La Voz Atitlan Organic Filter? Order now! and escape the ordinary.

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