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It's time to start talking about roasting!

We had the pleasure to welcome the Diedrich team in our roastery. We did the maintenance of the machines and roasted together.

Our 12 kg Diedrich machine received a complete maintenance. Cleaning may not sound exciting, but it is one of the keys to successful roasting. Coffee, when roasted, reaches high temperatures of up to 200 degrees and this causes a lot of particles to accumulate in the different parts of the machine. If we don't take care of it, we risk a fire or adding burnt flavours to the coffee. This is something we obviously want to avoid.

Our little 2.5 kg roaster has been put back into operation. What a joy to see it working! We will be able to use it to roast small quantities of coffee in filter roasting for example or use it for a brand new project, roasting cocoa to make chocolate "from bean to bar". As cocoa is also a fruit, the same principle as coffee roasting is applied to cocoa beans. The pod is harvested, the beans fermented and then roasted. We will be able to change some parameters in our machine and in our roasting process to get unique flavours from the beans. Then the bean is transformed into a chocolate mass to arrive at the final result, the bar. This allows us to take part in all the stages of the chocolate making process and to play with the flavours for our pleasure and yours.

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