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High altitude roasted specialty coffee

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    The E’4ms/Classic is a 56 cm wide machine conceived to produce 4 espresso/cappuccino at the same time and 350 espresso/cappuccino per hour. Tea and continuous steam can be produced concurrently. The E’4ms /Classic is equipped with a built in automatic milk heating/frothing module.




    Once the flavour profiles and recipes have been professionally established, the e´Barista system reproduces them effortlessly through electronic control and adjustment of the grinder and powder quantity.


    One of the most difficult tasks in the production of milk-based products is the frothing of milk. With e’foam, Eversys introduce both steam and air to produce the microfoam sought after by leading barista. The operator can then focus on latte art display, in the secure knowledge that the foam will be of premium texture and taste.


    Most employees do not like cleaning after a long working shift. Eversys can store one month’s worth of cleaning tablets, dispensed daily through an automatic distribution unit. This ensures that health and safety rules are maintained as well as safe-guarding the machine's optimum performance.


    *installation and transport not included in the price

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    20.0 kg

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    Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei