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High altitude roasted specialty coffee

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Discover our wide range of educational programs, join and kickstart your passion or even carreer in coffee!

Latte art class

This class includes information on milk itself, including the choice of the milk you should use. You will learn how to create the perfect texture and how steaming milk. Finally, pooring with creating a design (heart, tulipa depending on your level) in your espresso with the milk you've textured.  

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Barista class

This is a practical course, looking at the process of preparing a good espresso. This includes calibrating your grinder, grinding coffee and using the espresso machine correctly. The espresso brewing is followed by a short introduction to milk texturing and latte art

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Brewing class

we can assist in your new adventure of brewing coffee at home, or help to upgrade the skills you already possess. We will explore extraction and it’s rules, grinders and how grind size affects cup profile, filter medium and brewing devices and their differences.

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Sensory class

We will start the journey at origin and discover what is coffee and how it is growed and processed into green coffee beans. We will continue with roasting and learn how a green coffee bean can transform in a roasted coffee bean full of taste. We will finish the journey with the cup and flavours, you will experience different tasting including coffee.


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