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Let’s continue to brew!

Once you have the right bean to brew filter coffee, it’s time to play with some variables. We want to change one variable at a time to be able to taste how this variable affect the taste of the beverage. The 3 main variable you can play with are: the ratio, the temperature and the grind size. What a ratio is? When we brew, we have a ratio between 14 and 16. Let’s do an example with a ratio of 15. For each gram of coffee you will add 15g of water. So if you grind 15g of coffee you will have 225g of water (15x15=225). To give you a comparison with espresso, the ratio is mostly 2, so really more concentrated than filter! The second variable is the temperature. We use water between 92 and 95 degree to brew coffee. Not more because it will extract too much and not less because the water will extract too less. To start brewing, we recommand to start with a fixed ratio and temperature. Then you play with the grind size: finer or coarser depending on how taste the beverage. Let’s talk more déposer about that in the next blog. 

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