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How to tackle texture of milk?

For a good cappuccino, we need milk that is homogeneous and just foamy enough, but not too much otherwise it will be impossible to make a precise latte art. The best way to start is to use a pitcher and cold milk, so it will be easier to froth the milk well. Fill your pitcher just below the small spout. Purge your steam nozzle to avoid adding water to your milk and use only steam, as at the beginning of the purge a small amount of water comes out before the steam. Slide the nozzle stem along the spout of the jug and immerse the nozzle. Turn on the steam and lower the jug so that the tip of the nozzle is just at the edge of the milk to create foam. This takes a few seconds but it really depends on the machine you have and its power. With practice, you will know exactly how long it takes for this step. If the milk is not frothy enough you will need more time and if the milk is too frothy it means you have spent too much time on this step. Then raise your jug so that the nozzle is completely immersed in the milk. This step creates a swirl to remove the bubbles that have been created in the foam. With practice, again, you will find the right degree of inclination and the right position to have to create a good swirl. Turn off the steam and then, without wasting any time, tap your pitcher on your counter to remove any remaining bubbles and swirl the milk in the pitcher to homogenise it so that you don't have a layer of froth and a layer of milk but frothy milk! It will become glossy and that's when you are ready to start your latte art!

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