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Cold coffee!

Cold coffee is always a good idea. Several methods can be used. Extracting a hot coffee and then cooling it with ice cubes or extracting the coffee with cold water. For hot extraction, you can use either an espresso or a filter coffee. For espresso, take one or two shots (depending on how strong you want it) and simply add ice cubes. You could shake it to get a very smooth cold coffee. For filter coffee, make a filter coffee with a smaller ratio than usual, so that the coffee is a bit more concentrated and the ice cubes dilute it a bit. For example, if you use a ratio of 15 for a hot filter coffee, try a ratio of 12 for a cold filter. This means that if you use 15g of coffee, you will add 180g of water (15x12=180). Then add ice cubes to cool the filter coffee. Enough to keep it cool, but not too much to dilute the drink. Test your preferences! Now we come to the cold brew. Grind your coffee more coarsely than for filter coffee and immerse it in cold water. Start by using a ratio of 12 and leave it in the fridge for 12 hours. If it has too much intensity or a bit of bitterness, you can use a larger ratio, grind the coffee more coarsely or leave the coffee in the water for less time. If on the contrary the coffee does not have enough intensity or taste, use a smaller ratio, grind the coffee finer or leave the coffee in the water longer. And the last possibility we would like to share with you is the iced latte. Pour a shot of espresso into milk and ice cubes and you're done! Get your ice cubes!

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