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High altitude roasted specialty coffee

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What's the difference?

We have a range of coffees specifically roasted for espresso and another for filter. The espresso beans come out of our roaster at a slightly higher temperature than the filter roasted beans, so they stay in the machine longer and will be darker. In fact, each coffee we roast has a different finishing temperature, to get the best out of it. The longer the roast, the higher the temperature, the more bitterness and less acidity the bean contains. Conversely, the lighter the roast, the more acidity and less bitterness. As each lot of coffee is different it is important to roast them differently. It's a matter of testing, roasting, tasting and roasting again, changing one parameter at a time. Whether it's the temperature of the roaster when you load the beans, the end temperature or the duration of the roast. For the taste, the two variables that have the most influence are the quality of the green coffee and the colour of the beans (and therefore the temperature).


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