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High altitude roasted specialty coffee

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    Trendy blend for the barista scene. E.S.E. pads loosely packed in an aluminium-free bag.

     Brazil & India
    Producer: Sul de Minas & Karnataka

    Process: Selective picking, Washed India, Natural Brazil Sun-dried
    Variety:Acaia, Mundo Novo, Catuai, Catucai, Peridinia, S274

    Best suitable for: Espresso, Bialetti Moka Pot, Aeropress, Long Black

    Cupping notes: chocolate, slightly citrusy, hazelnut, white pepper
    Aroma: Chocolate, nutty, slightly citrus, creamy
    Flavor: nutty, hints of orange
    Body: creamy
    Acidity: sweet
    SCA score: 83.50
    20 E.S.E. single portions, Ø 44mm, 7g each

    ''Our best-selling coffee! with nutty, slightly citrus chocolate, and a hint of orange flavor. Order now to escape the ordinary!''

    A unique blend of the Brazilian Fezenda and Indian specialty robusta invites to experience what specialty coffee can taste like still keeping the spiciness and strength like your "legendary" Italian coffee.

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