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High altitude roasted specialty coffee

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    Origin: Guatemala Finca
    Producer: El Gigante
    Altitude: 1560 - 1700 m
    Process: natural anaerobic with mosto
    Variety: pacamara, caturra 
    Best suitable for: pour over, kalita, gina 
    Flavor: chocolate, mango, cherry, geisha, burbon
    Body: soft, silky
    Acidity: mild, delicate

    ''Experience coffee like never before, with honey, bergamot and jasmin flavor. Order now to escape the ordinary!''

    This filter coffee comes from Guatemala El Gigante and thanks to its fruity and floral taste, it offers a mild and enjoyable cup. With the AeroPress this coffee bean can be prepared perfectly.  

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    coffee beans

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    Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei

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