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    Origin: Ethiopia 
    Producer: Sidamo Region, south-central region in Ethiopia

    Altitude: 1200 - 1800 m
    Process: Selective picking, Washed, Sun-dried
    Variety: heirloom and local varieties  
    Best suitable for: pour over, kalita, gina 

    Flavor: black tea, bergamot, chocolate
    Body: soft, silky
    Acidity: mild, delicate

    ''Experience coffee like never before, with black tea, bergamot and chocolate flavor. Order now to escape the ordinary!''

    This filter coffee comes from Ethiopia and thanks to its full-bodied aromas, it offers a mild, enjoyable and at the same time low-acidity taste. With the AeroPress this coffee bean can be prepared perfectly.  

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    0.25 kg

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    coffee beans

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    Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei

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