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High altitude roasted specialty coffee

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Let's talk about our new filter coffee from El Salvador's Sierra Tecapa-Chinameca region.

This week we did the first roast of this coffee. Always very exciting to start this process: roast, taste, roast, taste and adjust the settings to achieve the best coffee. This coffee is grown on two farms La Belgica and La Vega which are managed by Ernesto Samayoa. The trees are located at an altitude of about 1050 metres in an agroforestry system where the coffee trees are planted in the middle of large broad-leafed trees which provide shade and a great ecosystem of flora and fauna. Over 100 native species have been planted on the farms. Everything is important to the quality of the coffee, even the soil. The soil on our coffee farms contains a high percentage of organic matter, which gives the trees more nutrients. This coffee contains a single variety, Cuscatleco, known for its resistance to coffee leaf rust. This variety was created by the Salvadoran Foundation for Coffee Research (PROCAFE). It is a cross between the Villa Sarchi variety and Timor Hybrid. We will explore the enormous diversity of varieties in more detail in the future. Our "honey" coffee is very sweet, because during the preparation, the pulp is removed but not the mucilage (the last layer that sticks to the bean) which gives the bean this very pleasant sweetness. You can find notes of pineapple, orange and green apple.


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