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High altitude roasted specialty coffee

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Coffee Exploration

Coffee Exploration
Let's continue exploring our new coffee bags with our "Jalapa espresso". We named it this way because this coffee comes from the department of Jalapa, which is located in the southeast of Guatemala. The producer of this delicacy is the farm "El Morito". This coffee is certified SHB (Strictly High Grown) and this specifies that the coffee has been grown at an altitude higher than 1350 meters. In fact, each country has its own way of classifying the quality of these coffees, and we will be addressing this in our next publications. Stay tuned! For our new batch 'Jalapa', the coffee trees are planted at an altitude between 1500 and 2100m, which makes it the highest grown coffee we buy. At this altitude, the coffee cherries ripen more slowly, and the fermentation and drying of the beans takes longer, resulting in superior flavours and quality. Yes, the roasted coffee bean that you enjoy every day is first of all a round, berry-sized fruit, mostly red in colour, but depending on the variety it can also be orange or yellow when ripe. After a few steps, the bean is fermented, which gives all those wonderful flavors to the coffee we love so much, and then dried to keep its excellent quality.


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