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High altitude roasted specialty coffee

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    Origin: Atitlan
    Producer:Cooperative La Voz que Clama en el Desierto
    Altitude: 1.500 m
    Variety:Tipica, Bourbon and Caturra
    Process: Handpicked, Washed & Sun-Dried
    Best suitable for: Filter coffee, including Chemex, Pour Over and Cold Brew
    Aroma: honey, slightly floral & green apple
    Flavor: chocolate, raspberry & green apple
    Body: smooth & creamy
    Acidity: bright & soft
    SCA score: 86.75

    ''Experience coffee like never before, with green apple,  milk chocolate, and raspberry flavor. Order now to escape the ordinary!''

    This coffee bean is a true delight. Since it comes from Guatemala and has been precisely roasted by us, this filter coffee is a real exotic. The slightly floral aromas with notes of berries and honey make it smooth and creamy like no other. A Chemex is ideal for the perfect preparation.                             

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    Zermatt Kaffee Rösterei

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    Filter Coffee beans