MADDOG Espresso

10.50 CHF
Origin: Brazil Fezenda & India 
Producer: Sul de Minas & Manjarabad
Altitude: 900 m - 1700 m
Process: Washed & Unwashed with light fermentation
Best suitable for: Espresso and Bialetti Moka Pot
Cupping notes: Chocolate, hazelnut, orange with white pepper and a hint of cocoa


Unique blend of the Brazilian Fezenda and Indian specialty robusta invites to experience what specialty coffee can taste like still keeping the spiciness and strength like your "legendary" Italian coffee.


India grew the first coffee plant 400 years ago. Today India is one of the leading coffee producing countries in the world, being Robusta one important product. India is blessed with fertile soil and copious rainfall, what contributes to the high quality coffee. India is known for growing some of the finest quality robusta coffees. It is one of the very few countries to grow robustas at high elevations up to 3500 feet a.s.l.


The origins of Fazenda da Lagoa date back to 1764, when the Portuguese crown donated the property to the so-called Jangada, the earliest ancestor of its agricultural director J. Paiva. It is one of the oldest coffee farms in the region of the "Campo das Vertentes" and up to today has nearly maintained the same size. The knowledge of how to produce one of Brazil’s most outstanding coffees has been passed down from generation to generation. The farm focuses on the production of a unique unwashed natural coffee and a high quality semi-washed coffee.